Apple Podcast and Spotify respectively offer a subscription services called “ ad-free” 

This is separate from our +Plus app/website and unfortunately does not transfer over/or qualify for our yearly perks (which are limited to high tier Plus members) 

With ad-free on Apple Podcasts you get all the same content at the same time; however, you can only get access to Plus episodes via Apple podcasts or Spotify. 

If you’re a subscriber to ad-free on Apple Podcasts and having trouble locating Plus episodes on Apple podcasts, you can search “Sword and Scale Plus” in the search bar 

If you’d prefer to switch from “ad-free” to +Plus

You’ll have to cancel your Plus Lite subscription.

You can cancel at any time and keep access until the end of the billing period, however, to avoid being double billed: please wait until the billing period is over

to subscribe to PLUS